Where Have We Been?

7 Jul

Couldn't find a relevant photo for this blog post, so I settled on these pretty sunflowers a friend gave me recently.

I’ve taken a hiatus from writing on the Dignity Movement blog and Facebook wall, as has Bob Fuller. Here’s why: we’ve spent the past few weeks discussing whether our goal really is to build a movement around the concept of dignity and against rankism.

That’s what we originally set out to do in February; that’s why we built the DM Facebook page and this blog in the first place. We felt the pressing need for an actual, member-driven dignity movement. But a few weeks ago, Bob and I independently came to the same conclusion: the dignity movement already exists. It’s called the women’s movement. The abolitionist movement. The anti-genocide movement. The healthcare reform movement. The list goes on, but one central point remains: any movement of people that strives in any way to uphold and defend dignity and combat a form of rankism is, in fact, a part of the larger dignity movement.

So what, then? Is our mission accomplished?

Not yet. Hundreds of millions of people the world over may be fighting rankism and defending dignity on a daily basis, but if they aren’t seeing their work through that lens, they may not see how it is connected to the work of others. And it’s that deeper understanding that will allow us to transcend the boundaries of our single issue-focused struggles and join hands in solidarity against all forms of rank abuse. It’s that deeper understanding that will truly bring about a dignitarian future.

The last time we chatted, Bob and I agreed that we can leave the movement-building piece to the thousands of incredible organizers and advocates across the US and around the world. We want to focus our efforts on spreading the word about rankism and how to stop it.

Let’s make sure everyone knows how to recognize and challenge rankism when they see it. If you’re with us, share some ideas below of how we can get started. We’re thinking of creating a powerful YouTube video and writing some engaging Huffington Post pieces. Other suggestions?

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